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Sytytysmoduuli Twincam Softail kaasutin konversioihin. Tarkemmat ohjeet valmistajan sivuilta

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The AMM-P3 is a professional electronic ignition-system especially developed for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam, Milwaukee Eight and 2004 to present Sportster motorcycles. It is designed using the latest available technology, and implements a new approach of calculating the spark timing, resulting in an unrivalled resolution and accuracy. The AMM-P3 features the Synchro-Control-Mode, a proprietary development by AMM, capable of automatically optimizing engine torque through the entire rpm range. This is done in real-time by large-scale calculations in the 16 MHz ignition computer. This way, the AMM-P3 is able to reveal the full potential of the, Porsche developed, Twin Cam engines. Available with Softail or Dyna Glide coil mount or without coil mount for Custom applications.
•5 (five) years limited warranty
•For all carburetor or Fuel Injection equipped Twin Cam, Milwaukee Eight & 2004-up Sportster
•Also for those who want to convert their EFI Fuel Injection equipped Evolution Big Twin model to carburetor.
•Independently adjustable advance, rise and rev-limit
•Supports all engine tuning levels (Big Bore, Stroker, Turbo Charged)
•Uses completely balanced advance-curves
•Perfect engine idle
•Only 6 wires to connect, no cable salad
•Independent of OEM wiring harness
•Needs no cam sensor and no map sensor
•Screw-connectors, no special tools required
•Harley-Davidson scanalizer not required
•No engine TDC adjustment required
•No computer required
•Synchro-controlled ultra smooth engine performance
•Over-voltage and reverse current protection
•Very high spark energy with stock coil
•Made in Germany