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Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition Control

Dynatek Fusion on käytännössä sama laite kuin Dynojet PowerCommander 5, samat Fuel mapit käy molempiin ja laitteiden toiminnot ja ohjelmisto ovat samat.

Sopii:> Touring 08-13

1 varastossa (Toim. aika 2-3 arkipv.)

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Controls both ignition and fuel injection, plugs in to stock ECU unit without any changes to wiring, fuel or ignition. RPM and throttle position inputs are used for fuel adjustments. The 250 rpm resolution and 10 throttle position columns provide 640 mapping points for fuel and another 640 for ignition timing, offering great adjustability. Software for tuning and ready made maps can be downloaded from the Dynatek website. Note: Compatible with the Dynatek DynaTune for on the fly Auto Tune options. – Allows +/-20 degrees of timing adjustment. – Adjust timing per cylinder. – Adjust timing per gear. – Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models). – Adjust timing based on temperature or boost inputs. – Built In Launch Limiter. – Gear Position Timing. – Boost/Nitrous Retard Timing. – Pit Lane Limiter. – Additional inputs as cylinder head or water temperature, gear position and boost. – Individual cylinder mapping. – 2 position race/tour map switching on the fly (map switch not included). – Analog input, allowing the use of any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost. – Two of these features can be used at the same time: Map Switch, Quick Shifter, Pit Lane Speed Limiter, and Launch Control. – USB powered from computer.

Fits: > 08-13 Touring