Breaks & rivets all 420 to 630 chains on-bike with hollow nose master link pins. Includes a small pin to service 420 series chains.

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The Kellermann chain tool allows for easy breaking of the worn chain and precise assembly of the new chain with rivet link. It is designed for chains of all common brands. Besides the main tool the kit contains a patented, magnetic positioning tool for the assembly of the connecting link. This positioning unit consists of two magnetic plates that are coupled together via a guide. This design allows a precise and comfortable positioning of the parts of the connecting link. The plates stick magnetically to the connecting link, so you have your hands free to work. Crucial for the assembly of the connecting link is, that you don´t press the side plate too far onto the pins. To prevent this reliably, the plates act as a limit stop and extend to the adjacent chain links. You can see through the cut-outs in the push plate, if the side plate of the connecting link is in the correct position and when you have to stop pushing. Thus connecting link assembly errors are largely excluded and the assembly of the connecting link is becomes a straightforward task.

The basic tool works with hollow rivet chain links. An accessory insert is available for full rivet chain links (e.g. Tsubaki).