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MCS, BRAKE PADS FRONT/REAR SINTERED 00-07 B.T. (excl. FXSTS front); 00-03 XL; 02-05 V-Rod


Sintered jarrupalat eteen tai taakse

Sopii:> Eteen/taakse: 00-07 BigTwinit (paitsi ei FXSTS eteen); 00-03 XL; 02-05 V-Rod

2 varastossa (Toim. aika 2-3 arkipv.)

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Sintered. ECE R 90 certified. When you hit the brakes you want no surprises. Motorcycle Storehouse brake pads are designed, tested to do job as you expect, offering performance and safety when you need it most. Pros: Brake pads with sintered friction material offer a longer life, will handle heat better than organic pads and have a fast reaction time in both dry and wet with excellent stopping performance. Best for more aggressive riding styles and the best for any weather performance. Cons: The metal particles used in the pads will ‘eat away’ at the brake rotor quicker than organic pads. Not for use on brake rotors of older models that are not ‘sintered pads certified’ to prevent extreme rotor wear.

Fits: > Front/rear: 00-07 B.T. (excl. FXSTS front); 00-03 XL; 02-05 V-Rod